What is long-sighted?

19th Apr 2016

Being long-sighted or far-sighted is called Hyperopia and it is caused by a fault in the ability of your eyes to focus. If you suffer from long-sightedness you will have no trouble seeing objects that are in the distance, but items up close will appear blurry.

Normal vision works – by images we see starting out as light rays that pass through the cornea first – the slightly domed surface at the front of your eye, it then goes through the lens before finally focusing on the retina – that is the area at the back of your eye. These rays of light become electrical signals that are carried by our optic nerve into the brain.

If you have Hyperopia – it’s the same as anyone who has normal vision, images start off as light rays that pass through the cornea but rather than the light rays focusing on the retina – their point of focus is actually behind the retina – outside of the eyeball itself. There are several reasons this can happen – the eyeball itself is too short, there is a problem at the front of the eye with the cornea or lens, or the cornea is too shallow and it cannot bend the light rays to the correct angle.

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Symptoms of Hyperopia include – sore and irritated eyes due to struggling to see objects up close and to read and write. Your eyes might feel scratchy this is often caused by starring at objects to try and get them into focus which can affect your blink rate. Being unable to focus on books and magazines; and needing to hold items at *arms length* to bring text into focus. Headaches, eye strain and squinting are also signs a person has Hyperopia.

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