When should I replace my lenses?

17th Jun 2015

If you are relatively new to wearing contact lenses you may be wondering how often you need to replace them. There are a lot of advantages to wearing replacement lenses – like daily disposable contact lenses , and for many these can be a great choice when it is time to buy contact lenses online from Lenses Online. The best thing about disposable contact lenses is that compared to other lenses they are relatively inexpensive.

In general disposable lenses should be replaced every one to two weeks while frequent replacement lenses tend to last that little bit longer – between one to three months before they will need to be replaced. These lenses are also referred to as disposable lenses, and the final category of lenses are known as reusable lenses.

Today while people still wear hard contact lenses, the soft lens seems to be a more popular choice amongst lens wearers. Hard or rigid lenses do not need to be replaced as frequently as they are more durable, being made from a thicker plastic. With the correct cleaning hard contacts can last (potentially) up to 2 years, if your prescription changes or the lens gets damaged or contaminated then they will need to be replaced immediately.

Soft lenses are thinner which makes them a little more comfortable to wear, most people prefer the soft lenses as they are easier to get use to wearing, more comfortable and much easier to replace. While there are a few reasons for the replacement of contact lenses it is important to note that by replacing your contact lenses on schedule prevents damage to your eye, so the style of contact lenses you buy online will dictate when they need to be replaced.

Lenses Online have a range of soft lenses available for sale from daily lenses to monthly contact lenses . Cleaning solutions available when you buy contact lenses online are important to maintain the hygiene needed to protect your eyes, over time residue from your eyes can make lenses uncomfortable to wear.