Which contact lenses are most comfortable ?

15th Nov 2018

Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses. But which contact lens to choose for the most comfort? Each lens has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages? Let's try to figure out and find the perfect option.Collected reviews ophthalmologists products from different manufacturers.

Contact lenses seem to be a very modern invention. As you probably guess, this is not quite true. The first descriptions of devices inserted directly into the eyes for vision correction were found in the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci and about a century later in the records of Rene Descartes. The real practical application of contact lenses began at the end of the 19th century: the first documented evidence dates back to 1888. Those first lenses were made of glass, were large and uncomfortable, and also required complex care. Today, hard glass lenses are outdated and not used.

Modern lenses can be divided into groups based on this criteria

  • Material manufacturing
  • Sizes
  • Purpose
  • Allowed continuous wear time
  • Replacement date for a pair

If you ask contact doctors, which, in their opinion, the type of contact lenses is the safest and most comfortable, then the majority will answer that this is, without a doubt, one-day contact lenses. Manufacturers consider the same. Therefore, the assortment of large manufacturing companies has one-day contact lenses, and they invest significant amounts in their promotion. If the main thing that attracts patients in one-day contact lenses is the convenience of wearing, then their comfort is second. Since these contact lenses are never used (more precisely, they should not be used) repeatedly, deposits do not accumulate on them, which results in comfortable wearing and a better quality of vision compared to dirty contact lenses of routine replacement or traditional contact lenses. They are less likely to develop dry eyes and allergies, no irritation from the use of care products.

One-day contact lenses, as noted by many contact doctors, are the safest contact lenses for eye health compared to traditional or scheduled replacement lenses. In addition to the general desire to provide their patients with the highest convenience and comfort, some contact doctors appoint one-day contact lenses to solve specific problems:

One-day contact lenses are used in case of allergies or dry eyes caused by the use of multifunctional solutions.

- For patients wearing rigid gas-permeable contact lenses, one-day lenses can be helpful in such activities as mountaineering, swimming, going hiking, etc. - because under the hard lens can get contamination.

Soft contact lenses for most comfort

Soft contact lenses are also called hydrophilic because they contain polymers that incorporate high percentages of water. They are the ones that best adapt to the nature of the eye, since they guarantee the right amount of oxygen from the outside and that have a radius of curvature adaptable to most of the corneas. But often they tend to accumulate protein deposits and foreign substances on their surface that can cause allergic and intolerant phenomena. It is important to change them frequently, perhaps opting for the "disposable" variant, and take care of their maintenance.

The Acuvue brand, which is part of the Johnson & Johnson group, has been around for 20 years and brought innovation by launching the first disposable contact lenses. In addition, it has several types of contact lens, thus increasing the options of choice for customers. These lenses are known to be one of the most comfortable according to the people who wear them.


This brand is manufactured by Bausch + Lomb laboratory and promises more comfort, stability and sharpness. They are made with a type of silicone hydrogel, which provides these characteristics.


One more contact lens designed for one-day use - Proclear 1 Day from CooperVision has a better moisture content, namely 60%. They are perfect for people who are often tormented by the feeling of "sand" or redness of the eyes while wearing lenses. The retention of water molecules occurs through the use of patented technology - PC Technology ™. These lenses are recognized by experts as providing increased comfort for those users who had previously often experienced discomfort caused by dryness. Even after many hours spent in them, moistening remains at 96%.