Why Contact Lenses are Better Than Glasses?

2nd May 2019

Regardless of whether you have the option to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses for vision correction, it will mostly depend on your personal preferences. Your decision-making process may involve factors such as lifestyle, comfort, convenience, budget and aesthetics. If you have the curiosity of wanting to see how you would like with a different eye color, you can experiment by wearing color contact lenses. Generally, contacts are not affected by weather conditions and will not fog up in cold climates like glasses.

We have compiled reasons as to how contact lenses are better than glasses:

1.Contacts help give you a full field of focused vision

Contact lenses may be available in the same prescription strength as glasses since they give wearers a full field of focused vision wherever they look. Contact lenses move with your eyes, which means they provide assistance for you to track action with sharp, direct, and peripheral vision. Landing the decision to switch to contact lenses also means you can say goodbye to the reflections and distortions you get with glasses. In addition, contact lenses do not steam up or get water spots. They also provide wearers a field of vision that is wider.

2.Contacts provide you the freedom to have an active lifestyle

Contact lenses will not get in your way when you are playing sports and exercising. If you lead an active lifestyle, contact lenses offer you more freedom and flexibility to do all activities that you enjoy. You will be able to run and move with greater ease because contact lenses are lighter and less obtrusive than glasses. In addition, contact lenses will not bounce up and down or slip off. They also do not rub against your ear or pinch your nose. In conclusion, they won’t slow you down or restrict your freedom of movement

3.Contacts can boost your confidence

Contact lenses can help improve how people see and feel about themselves. A research study states that there are children and teens who report that they feel dramatically better about their appearance when wearing contact lenses. Furthermore, contact lenses do not obscure your face with frames which gives you a natural look. They make it possible to display your strong eye make-up and lash extensions game. In general, you can wear contacts with the latest style of fashionable, non-prescription sunglasses

All reasons stated above emphasize that contact lenses have many advantages over glasses. Contacts sit directly on your eye, which means your peripheral vision, is unobstructed. These days, most people can wear contact lenses successfully--thanks to advances in contact lens technology. Even if people prefer to wear glasses as their primary form of vision correction, at the end of the day, the decision to wear either contact lenses or glasses is a matter of personal preference.

One thing you should remember, though, that if you wear contact lenses full-time, you also should have an up-to-date pair of glasses. This is so that you can stop wearing contacts when you have eye infection or irritation, or you simply want to give your eyes a break.