Toric Lenses

Toric Lenses

If you are astigmatic, you see blur both near and far. This defect may or may not be associated with myopia and hyperopia. A soft toric lens or a toric lens glass corrects your sight. Lensesonline is working with the best brands that produce toric lenses specifically designed to correct your astigmatism. Brands such as  Alcon Cibavision, Bausch & Lomb, CooperVision and Johnson & Johnson are ensured to work in your favour. 

Almost 40% of the total population with visual impairment is astigmatic. Most of the time, the cornea or crystalline lens does not have a round but rather oval shape. With our lenses made to correct this, you will have perfect vision as soon as you wear these contact lenses. However, it is still important to see your eye doctor to get the best option available for you.

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Comfortable Lenses

If you are more active, sporty and the glasses are a source of discomfort, the contact lenses specially adapted to myopic and hyperopic are a solution to your need. 

Lensesonline works day and night to create a product line that will answer all our customers' needs. We are moving in the direction of success by following what we believe is crucial: customer service. 

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