Switching from glasses to contact lenses !

Posted by Lenses Online on 2nd Feb 2018

Contact lenses, unlike glasses, make you able to live an overall a better life.

Whether you are kissing someone, playing sports with balls or getting on horseback: The frames of your glasses can sometimes be a killjoy. Glasses can get foggy and ruin a romantic moment. That is why many people with hyperopia and myopia choose contact lenses. They are small, often not visible.

The following are some of the reasons why contact lenses should be preferred:

  • The lenses are invisible and much lighter than the glasses
  • During physical activities, the lenses will stay on your eyes
  • They do not break
  • Contact lenses follow the movement of the eye which provides you with an unrestricted, frameless view.
  • Distortions that glasses cause will not happen with contact lenses. Same with fogging.
  • It is easier to replace lenses
  • You can wear sunglasses
  • Lenses are always with you, they do not feel like carrying an extra object like glasses which need a case
  • They do not leave marks on the nose or ears such as glasses do

  • Cannot decide to switch glasses for lenses?

    If you cannot decide on switching to contact lenses, you may be afraid that you will have difficulty in handling lenses. Ask any person who wears contact lenses, and they will respond that you do not have to worry!

    Wearing and removing contact lenses is very easy and simple. A specialist in the optometrist will show you how to properly wear and remove lenses, and you can get used to it in no time by practice.

    In comparison with glasses, lenses provide a complete correction of vision, which, of course, is of great importance when driving a car, etc.

    The use of soft contact lenses is now widespread. It is characterized by high water content and ideal oxygen permeability and can thus be hardly noticeable. The result: perfect compatibility, naturalness and comfort during wearing - from morning to evening and ease of use at every opportunity.

    Glasses do not really help in terms of fixing vision issues. Contact lenses, on the other hand, are known to have great success. For example, irregular bending of the cornea can only be corrected with contact lenses. Innovative solutions also allow contact lenses to be used in all special visual impairments.

    When we look at the answer to this question, contact lenses with the expert supervision, recommendation by the doctor's office, can be as comfortable as glasses if not better. Therefore, people who do not want to wear glasses may prefer contact lenses instead of glasses, but they should remember to get their lenses only after consulting with an expert doctor. Also, it should not be overlooked that without special care and sufficient knowledge in the use of contact lenses, or in the case of non-prescription lenses, results can be as serious as blindness.