Contact Lens Solution

Find the best contact lens solution in NZ at LensesOnline. Contact solutions help remove build-up deposits, prevent eye irritation, and relieve dry eye for a refreshing contact lens-wearing experience. Our product range includes a variety of the best and most reputable contact solution brands, such as Alcon, Bausch and Lomb, and AMO. 

Contact lens solutions are essential for disinfecting and cleaning your contact lenses so they are safe to wear again. The most commonly used types are multipurpose solutions, favoured for convenience, and hydrogen peroxide-based solutions, ideal for sensitive eyes. Each eye contact solution is designed to effectively remove debris and prevent the buildup that can lead to eye infections, catering to different needs based on lens type and user sensitivity. Whether you use contacts occasionally or daily, choosing the right solution is crucial for your eye health.

Choose from our extensive selection of contact solutions available for easy online purchase and fast delivery across New Zealand.